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Cooper Park Web Design consists of just me, Jennifer Miller. I started a freelance business during the final semesters of earning my degree in Web Design & Administration.

After graduating from college (the first time), I worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years. During that time I had the opportunity to work in a variety of marketing roles, all centered around targeting a specifc audience with an appropriate message.

My decision to return to school for a new degree was based on wanting to expand my marketing capacity in addition to exercising my inner "computer geek."

Oh yeah, and I can't forget to explain my business name since I get asked about it quite a bit. Most freelancers tend to use their name for their business. With a name as common as mine, I wanted to use something else that had special meaning to me.

Before relocating to the Chicagoland area, I lived in Milwaukee. More specifically, I lived in the Cooper Park neighborhood. The name reminds me of the good times had there and the domain name was available so I went with it, and that's how my company name came to be.

Phone: 630.551.8127
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